Adapa Advisory to be a founding member of TSSAG (The Securities Services Advisory Group) and Mark Kerns named as inaugural Chairman

August 3, 2020by Fiona Green

Adapa Advisory to be a founding member of TSSAG (The Securities Services Advisory Group) and Mark Kerns named as inaugural Chairman

TSSAG offers a forum for thought leadership and engagement across the Securities Services and Post Trade industry and access to a group of founding members with deep Securities Services expertise and geographical reach. The combination of services offers a unique, specialist and results driven network for the advisory, programme management, research and resourcing needs of the market. Mark Kerns, CEO Adapa Advisory said, “The formation of TSSAG comes at an unprecedented time for our industry and I am delighted that Adapa Advisory is a founding member and, at a personal level, it is a privilege to act as the inaugural Chairman” The full press release is attached and further information is available on the TSSAG website (



Press Release – for immediate release.

Launch of The Securities Services Advisory Group (TSSAG)

The Securities Services Advisory Group (TSSAG), headquartered in the UK, has been formed as a member-based trade association, effective August 2020.

It is a network of independent firms around the world, distinguished in their areas of practice, deep knowledge and proven local and global expertise in the Securities Services Industry. A wide and diverse scope of intellectual and practical skills are held by TSSAG members, covering Investor, Issuer, Fund and Capital Market Infrastructure Services, in addition to Recruitment, Analytics and Benchmarking.

Its objective is to link professionals from different lines of knowledge based around the world, creating a forum for regular interaction and dialogue, to share ideas and build opportunities for member firms.

TSSAG will work as a single voice within the industry, offering strategic direction, thought leadership, and contributing to the enhancement, reputation and quality of services in the industry. TSSAG, being the first association of its kind, will support the initiatives and growth of the $100 trillion+ Securities Services Industry. The Association brings together market- accomplished expertise that clients can easily access through a member firm. It creates linkages to both expertise and a global footprint worldwide and we will seek to expand the depth and richness of this unique quality as the Association grows its membership.

Viraj Kulkarni, CEO TSSAG, “TSSAG aims to be the ‘go-to-body’ of deeply experienced Securities Services experts who share a common goal: bringing value to its Members, Clients and the Industry. Unconstrained by geographic boundaries, by combining multiple core service areas and differentiating attributes, TSSAG Members will help create synergies, bestpractices and alliances for the benefit of the Securities Services industry and their clients.”

The founding member firms and Board are: Adapa Advisory (UK / South Africa), AlfaSec Advisors (Singapore), Araliya Management Consulting (Romania), HornbyChapman (UK), Pivot Consultants (Cyprus), Pivot Consulting (India), PDH Consult (UK), Soterium (Canada), and The Value Exchange (Canada).

For further information, please contact Paul Chapman at: Website:

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