Adapa Advisory announces coaching and leadership development alliance with GLO consulting

March 1, 2021by Fiona Green

Adapa Advisory announces coaching and leadership development alliance with GLO consulting

Adapa Advisory has announced an Alliance with GLO Consulting to provide executive and business coaching together with leadership, talent and performance development programmes for companies engaged in the post-trade and securities services arena.

Mark Kerns, Chief Executive of Adapa Advisory said “Culture has a major impact on the business, financial and social success of an organization. On the back of our core advisory services, we have seen increasing demand for practical coaching and mentoring programs that enhance leadership skills, the development of talent and overall team dynamics. This has been further emphasized by the impact of remote working and the need for a clear and focused people agenda from major corporations through to start-up FinTechs. We believe the alliance between Adapa Advisory and GLO Consulting creates an experienced and relevant approach for the post-trade and securities services market given our combined experience within the sector.”

Karen Wall, Founder of GLO Consulting said “I am excited to partner with Adapa Advisory in this alliance. I have worked with Mark and the team for many years and admire the contribution Adapa Advisory is making to the industry. I look forward to exploring together, how we can help clients leverage their leadership, talent, culture and diversity to optimize their success. By including GLO’s services to Adapa Advisory’s current business model it emphasizes their understanding of the importance of the people agenda and how it can optimize performance in multiple ways.”

Adapa Advisory provides strategic insights and pragmatic advice to help financial institutions enhance their business performance in the post-trade and securities services arena.

GLO Consulting provides Executive Coaching, Leadership and Talent Management programmes to help senior executives deliver confident and purposeful leadership. We partner with leaders to transform siloes of individuals into trusting, collaborative, high performing teams. GLO empowers individuals to recognize and hone their unique strengths to enable long term success.

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